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Airspace Flight Clearance Print E-mail

Permanently, Effective 6 May 2002 0001 UTC, Flight Clearances shall be as follows:
Locally Registered Aircraft Operations will apply one hour Prior Operations. Foreign/International Operations will require 24 hours Prior Notice.
All requests to be directed to Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Airport Office at Lusaka International Airport which is operating from 0400 UTC to 1500 UTC daily on Telefax +260 211-271312.
Local Training Circuits and Landing - Do not require written Application for Clearance but liaison with Air Traffic Control and Zambia Air Force (ZAF) At the required station will suffice.
After submitting their Application, Operator must make a follow up on +260 211-271312 for their permit numbers/replies.

All Commercial Non-Scheduled Flight shall apply for a Temporary Air Service Permit  to

The Permanent   Secretary on Fax Number  +260 211-251795 with a copy to the Director of Civil Aviation on Fax Number   +260 211-251841, who will arrange for Military Clearances.

 2.Aerial Surveys will be handled by DCA Headquarters.

Diplomatic Flight Clearance Applications shall be submitted to

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fax   Number +260 211-250240 copying ZAF on fax Number +260 211-254480/250916

 4.Military operations shall be requested from ZAF.
 5.For expediency, applications for Medical Evacuations may be sent direct to ZAF.
 A  form to be filled in is provided when applying for Clearance.
  Department of Civil Aviation - Republic of Zambia