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A001/2002 Security of Cabin Baggage
A005/2002 Interference to Air Traffic Control frequencies caused by unauthorised high power cordless  telephones.
A012/2002 ATC Medical Renewal
A014/2002 Textron Lycoming LTIO-540 and TIO-540 Engines rated at 300HP or Greater
A001/2003Carriage and Operation of Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS II) and Pressure Altitude   Reporting Transponder.
A002/2003Operation of Single Engined Aircraft
A004/2003Minimum Cabin Attendants, Training, flight Time and Rest Period
A005/2003Duties of the Pilot in Command
A006/2003Duties of Flight Dispatchers
A007/2003Extended Range Operations by Aircraft with Two Turbine Power units (ETOPS)
A008/2003Aircraft Flight Manual
A009/2003Refuelling with Passengers on Board
A010/2003Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods
A011/2003Ground Proximity warning System
A012/2003Security of Aircraft and Crew
A013/2003Operations in Icing Conditions
A014/2003Operational Control
A015/2003Operations Manual
A016/2003Flight Preparations
A017/2003Passenger Information on emergency procedures
A018/2003Utilisation of Checklists
A020/2003Prescribed Charges for Aerodromes
A021/2003Licensing of Ground Based Aeronautical, Telecommunication
A022/2003Operation of Aircraft IFR Approval to use RNAV (GNSS) Procedures in Zambia
A023/2003Airworthiness Charges
A024/2003Importation, Registered Aircraft in Zambia
A025/2003Prescribed charges for flight crew personnel
A027/2003Charges for the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)
A028/2003Proposed criteria and procedures to effect operational capability for GNSS procedures in Zambia
A029/2003Operations of aircraft IFR approval to use RNAV (GNSS) procedures in Zambia
A001.04Certification of Aerodromes
A002.04Salable Documents and other Items and Services
A004.04Curtailment of Licence Privileges of Pilots having attained 60TH, 65TH Birthday.
A001.05 Aircraft Services at Airports
A003.06Implementation of Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)
A004.06ATO & Simulator Fees
A002.07DCA Aviation Safety Inspectors
A003.07Approval of architectural and Infrastructure developments
 A003.08Implementation of Reduced Vertical Seperation Minima 
 B001.08Construction of Structures and Erection of Bill Boards with athe Aerodrome/Airport Reserve Boundary 
 A004.08Grandfather Rights on English Language Proficiency for Flight Crew 
 A005.08Flight Instructor Rating Appropriate to Aeroplanes, Airships, Helicopters and Powered-Lifts 
A 006.08Maintenance of Public Transport Aircraft 
 A007.08Certificates of Airworthiness Validity 
 A008.08Maintenance Organisation Procedures Manual 
 A009.08Weighing of Aircraft 
 A010.08Minimum Equipment List 
 A011.08Adoption of a Common Flight Plan Format 
 A012.08Engine Overhaul Periods 

Introduction of Landing Fees at Zambia Flying Doctor Services Aerodromes 

 A014.08Certification of Aerodromes
 A015.08Halon Replacement 
 A016.08Affixiing of Nationality and Registration Marks, Logos and other Marks on Locally Registered Aircraft 
 A017.08Indicating of RVSM Status in Flight Plans  
 A018.08 Suspension of East Bound RVSM Levels of FL310, FL 350 and FL390
 A019.08DCA Aviation Safety Inspectors 
 A020.08Submission of Flight Plans for Flights within RVSM Airspace
 A021.08Air Operator Certificate (Superceded by AIC A004/2009)
 A022.08Procedure for Validation of Foreign Flight Crew Licences 
 A002.09Zambian Airworthiness Code 
 A003.09Compliance with Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information 
 A004.09Air Operator Certification Requirements 
 A005.09DCA-O-OPS001A AOC The Certification Process (Pre-Application Phase) 
 A006.09DCA-O-OPS002A Operations Specifications 
 A007.09DCA-O-OPS003A Statement of Compliance 
 A008.09DCA-O-OPS004A Manuals, Procedures and Checklists 
 A009.09DCA-O-OPS005A Training Programme Approval Process 
 A010.09DCA-O-OPS006A Approval of Operator's Mass and Balance Control Programme 
 A011.09DCA-O-OPS007A Approval and Acceptance of an Aircrafts Operating Manual (AOM) 
 A012.09DCA-O-OPS009A Approval of Operator's Aircraft Performance Data
 A013.09DCA-O-OPS010A Carry-on Baggage Programme Review  Process
 A014.09DCA/O-OPS011A Exit Row Seating Programme 
 A015.09DCA-O-OPS012A Approval and Acceptance of Cabin Crew Manual
 A016.09DCA-O-OPS013A RVSM Ops Certification 
 A017.09DCA-O-OPS014A Emergency Evacuation Ditching Demo 
 A018.09DCA-O-OPS015A Demonstration and Special Demo Flights 
 A019.09DCA-O-OPS016A Operational Control 
 A020.09DCA-O-OPS017A Issuing AOC, Ops Specs and Completing the Certification 
 A021.09DCA-O-OPS020A Simulator Training Devices Manual Review 

DCA-O-OPS021A Approval and Observation of Check Pilot 

 A023.09DCA-O-OPS022A GOM Evaluation 
 A024.09DCA-O-OPS023A Carriage of Dangerous Goods
 A025.09DCA-O-OPS024A Flight Crew Basic Indoctrination Curriculum 
 A026.09 DCA-O-OPS025A Crew Resource Management Training
 A027.09DCA-O-OPS026A Management Personnel Evaluation 
 A028.09DCA-O-OPS028A Organisation Structure, Staffing, Admini Facilities 
 A029.09DCA-O-OPS029A PM Completion Certificate 
 A030.09DCA-O-OPS031A Evaluation of ETOPS Aircraft 
 A031.09 AOC Certification Advisory Information
 A032.09Contents of Cabin CrewMember Manual 
 A033.09Continuing Surveillance of Certificated Operators 
A002.10  Maintenance Control Manual Guidelines
 A003.10  Factory Delivery Of New Aircraft To Zambia
 A004.10  Approval of maintenance program
 A005.10  ETOPS approval
  A006.10  Documentation Entries In Aircraft, Engine And Propeller Logbooks And On Certificates Relating To Maintenance Of An Aircraft
 A007.10  Validation Of A Foreign Ame Licence
 A008.10  Aircraft Mass And Balance Requirements
 A009.10  RVSM approval
 AIC010.10  Application For The Issue Of A Special Flight Permit
 A011.10  Issuance Of Noise Certificate
A012.10  Scheduled Maintenance Inspections On Zambian Registered Aircraft
 A013.10  change of Director
 A014.10  Aircraft Movement Schedule
 A015.10  Aviation Recurity Charges
 A016.10  Dca Aviation Safety Inspectors
 AIC002-11  Giuidance Material on Reporting unapproved Parts
 AIC003-11  Airport Development
 AIC004-11  Guidance Material On Handling Non Compliance Findings
 AIC005-11  Approval of maintenance program
  Department of Civil Aviation - Republic of Zambia