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Aircraft Accident and Incident Reporting Print E-mail

The following numbers may be used to report Aircraft Accident and Incidents:

+260 211 251636 (Available during Office Hours)      

+260 977 908828 (Available 24 Hours)



 Pursuant to statutory instrument No. 87 of 2003 issued under Government Gazette, volume 53 of 15th August 2003, the following flight crew fees have been revised as shown below with effect from 15th August 2003.
Take note that each fee unit is equivalent to K180. This figure is subject to revision from time to time.


(a)The fees relating to licensing of flight crew members in application for assessment for grant of a license are set out in the attached tables.
(b)Upon making an application for assessment for grant extension or renewal of a license to act as a flight crew member, the applicant shall pay:-

(i)Resident applicant K120,000=00
(ii)Non-resident applicant K400,000=00

The following fees shall be charged in respect of the following crew logbooks:
(a)Personal flying logbook K120,000=00
(b)Cabin Attendants flying logbook K120,000=00
  Department of Civil Aviation - Republic of Zambia