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AC-PEL001A Application for Pilot Licences and Ratings
PEL002A  Validation and Conversion of Foreign Flight Crew Licences
PEL005 Issue and Renewal of Instrument Rating
PEL006A    Issue , Renewal and Reissue of Flight Instructor Rating
PEL007 Flight Engineer Licence
PEL008  Issue of a Pilot Licence based on Military Qualification
PEL009 Flight Engineer Instructor Authorisation
PEL010   Issue and renewal of Air Traffic Control Licence
PEL011 Issue and renewal of a Ground Instructor Licence
PEL012 Flight Engineer Examiner
PEL013 Issue and renewal of a Flight Operation Officer Licence
PEL014A Issue and renewal of a Cabin Crew Licence
PEL015 Issue and renewal of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
PEL016 Designation of Medical Examiner
PEL017 Issue and renewal of medical certificate
PEL018A  Knowledge Testing
PEL019A Suspension and Revocation
PEL020  Designation of Flight Test Examiner
Issue and renewal of a Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence
PEL022 Issue and renewal of a Cabin Crew Licence Instructor Authorisation
PEL023   Aviation English Language Proficiecny Testing
PEL024 Aviation English Language Proficiecny Training
PEL031   Designation of Medical Assessor
PEL032 Ensuring Confidentiality of Medical Reports
  Department of Civil Aviation - Republic of Zambia